Monday, July 22, 2013

We're on Good Eggs!

The time has come! I'm so excited to report that Ferments + Flour finally has a published Webstand on!

For those of you who don't know what Good Eggs is, let me begin. They are a wonderful company that started up here in the Bay Area (and are expanding!!) to bring local producers together under one roof to share their goods with fellow locals. You order online, and they deliver everything in one bag, whether you live up in Marin or down in Mountain View. Their online marketplace sells things from fresh produce to pantry staples, to grass-fed meats. The variety is amazing, and the quality is even better. I've already ordered a couple times from them and they are an incredible group of people who deliver excellent customer service along with excellent quality product. Now I'm fortunate to be a vendor as well!

The view of the Webstand.
Anyways, after lots of preparation, all of my products have made their way onto a Webstand, presented by Good Eggs. All of my seasonal shortbreads, pickles, and Kombucha are available to all, just like they are here! On top of having an incredibly helpful staff, their website (especially for a vendor) is so organized; it's easy to view items by category, date ordered, etc. Example: you can order those peaches with a pound of chuck together to be picked up on Thursday.

If you're looking for an alternative and convenient method of ordering Ferments + Flour products, be sure to check out our Webstand on Good Eggs! 

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