Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kombucha For Daysss

I officially have more Kombucha than I know what to do with--I used to never think that was possible. Usually I space out the times I create new batches so I'll always have a steady supply on hand. This time I managed to make two 2 gallon jars simultaneously, leaving me with, yes, 4 gallons total. They need an entire fridge just for themselves.

Hogging the entire fridge.

Basically all this just means is that I need your help! I may have made an abundance, but it's nonetheless a delicious abundance and I couldn't be happier with the outcome! This time I created a green and black tea base. In addition I will be offering 3 flavors! You can of course enjoy your Kombucha plain, or I will have freshly squeezed APPLE JUICE available as well as the ever so popular and freshly squeezed LEMON-GINGER!! I didn't know which one I liked more so I thought I'd share both of the bests with everyone.

My hard working SCOBY (his name is Bart).
Remember you can get your Kombucha by emailing me at or just purchasing through a PayPal account via this website. I offer 2 different sizes: either 12 oz. for $3.75 or 750 ml. for $7. Feel free to email with any other questions as well!

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Make sure to include what flavor you would like during checkout.

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