Monday, July 1, 2013

Kombucha Mustard Recipe!

Because I've been making kombucha for so long, there are times when I have an abundance of it, but am kind of tired of drinking it...Other times I'm too lazy to bottle it, and it over-ferments--resulting in kombucha vinegar! Either way, whenever I have excess kombucha (or kombucha vinegar on hand), it's nice to use it in other recipes instead of just drinking it. 

I found this recipe on the Cultures for Health website, which is a great source to purchase various fermentation bacterias. From kombucha to tempeh to miso, you can find all of the living culture necessities to make your food effervescent!
    • Whole mustard seeds
    • Kombucha
    • Sea salt (optional)
    • Herbs and spices (see below)

    Use a glass container or ceramic crock. (Canning jars work well). Fill the container about half full of mustard seeds. Add sea salt to taste (about 1/4 teaspoon per quart). Add well-fermented kombucha tea to cover the seeds with about 1/2 inch of liquid sitting on top of the seeds. Cover the container loosely. A loose lid, towel, or paper coffee filter will work well. Check the mustard seeds periodically and add more Kombucha as necessary to keep them covered and moist. As the seeds absorb the kombucha they will swell, and it is important to keep them sufficiently moist. After a week or two the seeds will be soft and will pop when you bite them. At this point the seeds are ready for the blending stage but can continue to sit and ferment for up to a month if desired provided they are kept moist. 

    One the seeds are sufficiently soft, use a food processor or blender to blend the mixture to the desired consistency. More kombucha can be added to give the mustard a thinner consistency. Vinegar can also be added to increase the level of tang.

    Customizing Your Mustard:

    A number of herbs, spices and sweeteners can be added to create a custom taste your family will love.
    • Garlic cloves: can be added during the brewing process or the blending stage
    • Honey or maple syrup: add during the blending stage
    • Chiles: can be added during the brewing process or the blending stage
    • Turmeric: adds a yellow color if desired; add during the blending stage
    • Your favorite herbs: add during the brewing stage

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