The Flour

I have a hard time putting these down. Right now I have 5 seasonal flavors to offer! I always use organic ingredients, as well as foraged ingredients (when possible). All of the herbs are from my very own garden. Email me if you any flavor combination requests or if you would like a surprise combination of the listed flavors! 
Each order comes with 8 cookies.

Ingredients: Organic Flour, Organic Sugar, Organic Butter, 

Organic Herbs and Spices.

Rosemary ~ Parmesan - $6.50

Salted Lavender - $6.00

   Thyme ~ Lemon Zest  -$6.00
~ Chili Flakes

Basil -$6.00 (for a limited time)

Black Pepper Polenta $6.50

Quantity (8 per package)

**Prices are subject to change because of seasonality. 

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  1. Ordering rosemary parmesan immediately! The perfect balance of sweet and salty and not fall-aprt crumbly like other shortbreads! Yumdiddleyumpcious!