Monday, June 24, 2013

Fresh Pickles! Kind of Misleading...

...Only because pickles aren't, really, fresh. I can say, however, that I just freshly bottled some golden beet pickles that have been fermenting for a couple of weeks now! 

My local market never fails in providing me with beautiful varieties of produce from around the area. This time I noticed the glowing golden beets that looked like they were destined to ferment. They were young and tiny, perfect for any preparation. I must have picked out 5 pounds, and they were all intended to sit in my crock. And sit, and sit, and sit. 

Steeped with jalapeƱo, garlic, and ginger, these beets have a subtle flavor and are not heavy on the spice. They are still super crunchy and haven't yet taken on the intense effervescent mouth sensation, which makes them super easy to eat, even alone. I'm already a fan of thinly slicing them and eating them alone, or with a light dressing. But I've also repurposed them in soups, salads, and garnishes. 

Get them soon because there's a limited amount and I'll eat them all if you don't!